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Cake's One Team® combines the best of out-sourcing and joint-sourcing.


Cake's One Team® combines the best of out-sourcing and joint-sourcing. Together with Cake’s agile methodology and experienced management team, it delivers an innovative and high quality solution to the challenge of development projects.

Cake has developed a business start-up process and technology product development model. The three-stage Catalyst Process puts technology at the heart of the product innovation, but also stresses the importance of business thinking and business functions inside the same box.

Cake's One Team® and agile approaches ensure a cost effective, flexible way of addressing the challenges of software development, offering transparent and controlled development within a fixed budget. The One-Team® approach delivers software that the brings value to the business; software that matches the expectations; software that brings innovation and excellent quality.
With One-Team®, you are involved in making the software as product owners and, quite often, as members of the technical team. This means that there are indeed no surprises: you will see the software growing, you will make the important business decisions. Thus, at the end of our commitment, you will have software that matches your expectations. Furthermore, if your own people were part of the One-Team®, they will have complete knowledge of the code we produced. There will be no need for handovers: your team will have worked with us on the application, they will have full confidence that the code is as good as it can be, without any lurking monsters waiting to jump out at you. 

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