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Posted by Sarah Nevett
23/06/17 11:52

Hello again from Cake and our Project Management Team. This is our thirty-ninth edition of “This Week in #Agile”, and this week we have found a range of Agile articles for you to enjoy.

Posted by James Furness
20/06/17 14:00

All over the world today, there are many types and styles of Leadership in use. From Autocratic, Democratic and Strategic to Coaching Leadership and many, many more. What i’m going to talk about in this short article is something called Servant Leadership.

Posted by Ian Brookes
19/06/17 06:32

Charles Darwin, the English naturalist, biologist and geologist, is best known for his contributions to the science of evolution, a process that he called ‘natural selection’ in the struggle for existence. He is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential figures in human history.

Posted by James Furness
16/06/17 09:11

Hello again from Cake and our Project Management Team. This is our thirty-eighth edition of “This Week in #Agile”, and this week, we take close look at Retrospectives, along with some other interesting stuff!

Posted by Jonathan Orgel
14/06/17 14:31

Last week I joined this great company Cake Solutions. Cake is truly agile; with a very strong focus on customer needs, short feedback loops, MVP and OneTeam customer collaboration. Learning about the company I am encountering new processes and approaches.

Posted by Peter Evison
12/06/17 14:40


Last week ten members of the Cake Solutions team headed to Copenhagen for the European leg of Scala Days 2017. We love this event, mixing with 1,000 other members of the Scala community, sharing ideas, listening to great talks and catching up with old friends. As long time sponsors of the event we are as well known for the great coffee we bring as we are of our technical excellence. We handed out micro books, took a VR headset with us which allowed attendees and potential future employees to take a virtual look around our office and gave away the incredibly popular spinners!

Posted by Ian Brookes
12/06/17 06:53

Why should anyone be led by you? This is a great question for self-reflection for any leader, focused on your leadership identity, values and purpose. It’s also the title of a book of Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones, and a piece of research I use when working with startup founders to help shape and articulate their leadership style.

Posted by James Furness
09/06/17 09:11

Hello again from Cake and our Project Management team. This is our thirty-seventh edition of “This Week in #Agile”, and this week we have looked at topics including; Retrospectives, Sprint Reviews, Personal Development and Backlog Prioritisation.

Posted by James Furness
02/06/17 14:31

Hello again from Cake and our Project Management Team.  This week, a hotchpotch of articles forms our thirty-sixth edition of “This Week in #Agile”. 

Posted by Ian Brookes
30/05/17 07:42

The path to entrepreneurial success is forged via breakthroughs, small steps and iterations, each possible because you have your eyes and ears wide open and you’re able to reflect and adjust time after time, with the resilient mindset to keep going.

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