About Us


Formed in March 2001, Cake Solutions Limited is an enterprise software solutions provider.
Cake Solutions architects, implements and maintains modern & scalable software; and provides mentoring & training services. The core members of our team are all published authors and have experience with large-scale projects in Scala and Java; the Java projects make the most of the projects in the Spring Portfolio, and the Scala projects typically use Akka and Spray or Play! 2. In addition to our Scala and Java skills, we are experts on jQuery and HTML 5 development; and iOS development.

We deploy the applications in cloud infrastructures; we expertly configure document and graph databases as well as relational databases.

We combine exceptional talent and latest research with rigorous project management to deliver truly excellent software.

The Technical Bit

We rely on open source software in our day-to-day development; it gives us access to very high quality code and allows us to customise it to our needs. We give back to the open source community by actively contributing to some projects in the Spring Portfolio, and we have started open source projects Specs2 Spring to bring BDD to the Spring Framework-based projects and Akka Patterns, a demonstration of best practices in Scala & Akka.

Turning to commercial expertise, a recent example of our work is a drug management application. It is a polyglot scalable application: it combines the best of Scala, Java and loosely-coupled messaging. The application makes the most of the Spring Framework’s DI, AOP,ORM, OXM, JMX and MVC; the XML-WS interface is implemented in Spring Integration, the application is secured using Spring Security. The processing-heavy components are Akka actors implemented in Scala; the actors are connected to the RabbitMQ AMQP broker in high-availability setup. The application’s user interface is HTML 5 rendered in modern browsers and iPad native application that interacts with custom hardware scanners.

Another example of our work is a central government knowledge management system. The system was developed using Java with open source libraries such as the Spring Framework, Lucene, OpenOffice core and many others. The system is deployed in Tomcat 7.0 and uses Oracle 10g to store application data, Apache 2.0 handles the web interface.The application has now become the central content management component of the department’s infrastructure.

Whatever scale of system you ask us to develop, we will make use of our extensive architecture experience; the code we write is well-documented and because we insist on conceptually clearest approach & design, other experienced developers find it a pleasure to maintain & easy to understand. We will always ask you to tell us the vision for your system; by sharing the same vision, we will be able to write code that will be easy to extend in the future.

More Information About Cake

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