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World Class Distributed Database Management System

Apache Cassandra is the database technology that provides the continuous availability, scalability and enhanced security that today’s data-centric applications demand.  Companies including ING, UBS, Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas are using Apache Cassandra to develop and deploy transformational solutions that provide improved business insight supporting real-time decisions.

In addition, Cassandra requires no new equipment and is very economical to run. It also provides data compression (up to 80% in some cases), eliminates the hassle of memory caching software (e.g., memcached), and provides a query language (CQL) that’s similar to SQL, flattening the learning curve.

How Cake can help

Cake was an early adopter of Cassandra and has a proven track record in building entire applications with Cassandra as a data store. Our extensive DevOps expertise will ensure that your application and database is optimised for today’s modern cloud platforms.

  • Effective DevOps practices
  • Cassandra installation and configuration
  • Setting up and configuring a cluster with replication
  • Setting up and configuring a cluster with replication
  • Reactive Application development using Cassandra as a data storage
  • Cassandra consulting: analysing your business and migrating parts of your application schema to Cassandra to improve performance

In-House Research & Development

Gain access to Cake's in-house expertise that lives in the bleeding edge of technology. We can help you through the maze of new technologies and tools and ensure you select the right tool for the task in hand.

We utilise open source software in our day-to-day development; it gives us access to very high quality code, allows us to make improvements if we need to, and provides access to excellent source of inspiration and talent. We give back to the open source community by contributing to the open source projects we use, and by publishing our own open source projects. The team have contributed to various Typesafe Activator templates, and shared their expertise with Akka and Scala in Akka Patterns and Akka Extras. Outside of the Typesafe stack, we have contributed to Tru-strap and OpenCV. The team members have also created open source projects that scratch our own itch: we have Lift, Reactive Monitor, Specs2 Spring and Scalad.

The Benefits

  • Elastic scalability
  • Always on architecture
  • Fast linear-scale performance
  • Flexible data storage
  • Easy data distribution
  • Operational simplicity
  • Transaction support 

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