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This week in #Scala (27/05/2014)

Posted by Marios Papasofokli on Tue, May 27, 2014

Welcome to another edition of #ThisWeekInScala!

Lets catch-up on the latest Scala happenings...

New Stuff

  • Scala 2.11.1 was released, it brings an important fix for serialisation, it is very important to upgrade now (& to Akka 2.3.3) if you ever serialise stuff
  • Akka 2.3.3 was released, it is released for Scala 2.10.4 and 2.11.1.  If you were using Akka 2.3.2 for Scala 2.11.0 you need to update immediately, because serialisation was broken in Scala 2.11.0. Therefore Akka 2.3.3 for Scala 2.11.1 is not serialisation backwards compatible with Akka 2.3.2 for Scala 2.11.0
  • FIXME compiler warnings v1.4 is out with new SBT plugin! Annotations working for #Scala 2.10.x and 2.11.x
  • Activate 1.5 is out!  This version features support for custom ids, better play framework integration and some classes to ease writing tests with Activate
  • Akka tracing 0.3 is available

Old Stuff

  • Idiomatic Scala: The For-Comprehension, a talk by Kelsey Gilmore-Innis at Pacific Northwest Scala 2013
  • "Why don't they fix Java to be effective? well actually they did but when they got it they called it Scala" from the very nice talk by Venkat Subramaniam: Scala for the Intrigued

Blogs & Tutorials 

  • Dr. Martin Odersky spoke at Gilt and here we have the talk and the slides: Scala--the Simple Parts
  • Building Reactive Applications with Akka, a talk by Jonas Bonér
  • 5 Bullets to Scala Adoption: slides from Tomer Gabel's talk at the Wix Ukraine R&D meetup
  • Mocking with ScalaMock
  • Embrace the implicit, a blog post by Pankaj Gupta 

Note: Since we moved to another blogging platform our RSS feeds are not working.  Will let you know on a future blog when it is fixed (probably next week)


That’s all folks. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on Twitter (@mpapasofokli) with any Scala news, events or content. Tip: Tweet about your content using hashtag #Scala.

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