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This week in #Scala (12/09/2016)

Posted by Petr Zapletal on Sun, Sep 11, 2016

Welcome to a new edition of #ThisWeekInScala!

This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of Scala and Reactive programming.

It has been a week since last time, so lets catch-up on the latest Scala happenings...

New Content

    • Making Sense Of Symbols In Scala's Collections API, a blog post by Dadepo Aderemi
    • Easy Parsing with Parser Combinators, a great post by Li Haoyi
    • Events as facts - trade-offs between resilience and consistency, an interesting post by James Roper
    • Akka anti-patterns: Flat actor hierarchies, an article by Manuel Bernhardt
    • August 2016 in Review: Apache Flink® 1.1, Flink Forward announcements, and more, a summary by Michael Winters
    • Yahoo open-sources Pulsar, a low-latency alternative to Apache Kafka, great news by Mike Wheatley
    • A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks Part 1a nice intro by Adit Deshpande
    • Announcing Confluent Platform 3.0.1 & Apache Kafka, an announcement by Neha Narkhede
    • How to Get Started with Spark Streaming and MapR Streams Using the Kafka API, a guide by Carol McDonald
    • Lightbend Reactive platform & Mesos DCOS, new Reactive New York event announced !

Updated Software

  • Akka 2.4.10 released! Includes dynamic fan-in/fan-out Hubs as well as several bugfixes!
  • Released akka-persistence-cassandra 0.18. Potentially important fix for avoiding tombstones
  • akka-stream-kafka 0.11 released!
  • Milestone 4 of new Akka remoting is out.
  • Released akka-http-json with support for Akka 2.4.10, circe 0.5.1 and up-to-date versions of other JSON libs
  • Scala Linter 0.1.15 released with new Option checks by @vdichev, bug fixes, and improvements to existing checks
  • Apache Flink 1.1.2 has been released
  • Akka.Js is out! Now with a brand new totally opinionable versioning!!!
  • Released pureconfig 0.2.2
  • libisabelle 0.5 released
  • sbt-jmh 0.2.12 released, featuring JMH 1.14
  • Just published Machinist 0.5.0, with support for Scala 2.12.0-RC1
  • Monix version 2.0.1 maintainance release. Upgrades Cats to 0.7.2, Scalaz to 7.2.6 and Scala support to 2.12.0-RC1

That’s all folks. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on Twitter(@petr_zapletal) with any Scala news or content. Tip: Tweet about your content using hashtag #Scala. 

In case you are looking for new challenges, pay attention, because Cake Solutions are hiring!

Also if you are interested in the latest Devops news you can check Laura's blog post: This week in #DevOps (06/09/2016)


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