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This week in #DevOps (16/05/2017)

Posted by Laura Bria on Thu, May 18, 2017

Welcome to the 125th edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps !
This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of DevOps.

New Content

Oliver, one of our favourite storytellers, invites you to take this Charity Survey. It should take about 3-6 minutes and each completed survey results in a donation to those in need.


Travis CI

Travis CI announced the availability of Build Stages as a beta feature.



Michael Wittig gives a high level overview of the many aspects to have in mind when securing your AWS account and resources.

Daniel Murawsky gives an introduction to Cloud Custodian, a Python CLI tool for managing your AWS resources.

Fabio Serragnoli demonstrates how to set up GitLab to deal with Docker container deployment in AWS.

Google Cloud

Dave Stiver announces a new region for Google Cloud Platform in Northern Virginia.


Mark Scurrell announces a public preview of low-priority VMs for Azure Batch. Low-priority VMs are allocated from Azure's surplus compute capacity in discount prices similar to Spot Instances in AWS.

Stav Maor explores the recently announced Azure low-priority VMs further. He talks about the anatomy of the low-priority VMs and their pricing model. He also announces a private preview support for the low-priority VMs in Elastigroup.

Rohan Kumar announces a preview support for managed MySQL and PostgreSQL databases for Azure.

Lavanya Kasarabada announces the general availability of Storage Service Encryption for Azure File Storage. The service supports 256-bit AES encryption.



Olivier Vernin shared two possible approaches for doing container orchestration with Kubernetes.

Duffie Cooley wrote some tips and tricks for Kubernetes kubectl.


Fernando Sanchez wrote part 3 of the Networking for Docker Containers series: Architectural Patterns for Service Registration, Service Discovery, and Load Balancing.



Carl Caum wrote a guide on how to detect and remedy the WannaCry ransomware.


Performance Monitoring

Brendan Gregg explains why the CPU utilization metric can be misleading and he proposes some alternatives.


Jorge Salamero Sanz wrote a nice guide on setting up Wordpress in Kubernetes and how to monitor it.



Dan Goodin wrote a worrying article showing that HP laptops contain an audio driver which records all of your keystrokes to a log file.

New Releases

Terraform 0.9.5 | This release includes:

  • GitLab as a new provider
  • New data sources
  • New resources for AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, Kubernetes, Microsoft AzureRM, and Vault

Tectonic 1.6 | The major updates that make up Tectonic 1.6.2 include:

  • Kubernetes 1.6.2
  • Backend Terraform support for Tectonic Installer on AWS and bare metal
  • Improved workload separation
  • Improved RBAC and audit logging
  • Update to Dex v2.4.1 to address security bug fix

Calico 2.2 | What’s New in Project Calico version 2.2:

  • Improved GoBGP Support
  • CNI Version Update
  • KDD (Kubernetes Datastore Driver) Routing
  • BGP Multipath Support with BIRD 1.6.3
  • Felix Performance and Occupancy Improvements


DockerCon Europe | October 16-18 | Copenhagen, Denmark

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That is all for this edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps. If you want to get in touch with us regarding any DevOps news or content here's our details:

Also if you are interested in the latest Scala news you can check Petr's blog post: This week in #Scala 15/05/2017).

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