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This week in #DevOps (03/01/2017)

Posted by Laura Bria on Thu, Jan 5, 2017

Welcome to the 106th edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps !
This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of DevOps.

New Content


The SysAdvent series has come to an end once again.



Greg Turnquist talks about Spinnaker, the open source continuous deployment tool that supports multiple clouds, multiple languages, and multiple providers.



Lee-Ming Zen explains how AWS uses shuffle sharding in the Route 53 service.

Andreas Wittig explains how to create Delivery Pipelines as Code using: AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodePipeline.

The AWS Advent has also come to an end. Here are the last posts from this edition:

Jeff Barr blogged about the EC2 Systems Manager: a new management service that includes an enhanced version of EC2 Run Command along with other equally useful functions.

Google Cloud

Morgan McLean announces Stackdriver Trace + Zipkin: distributed tracing and performance analysis for everyone.

Jennifer Tollar announces Google Cloud Architect Certification (beta) registration is open.



The series of in-depth articles on what's new in Kubernetes 1.5 was completed with these posts:


Alexander Green takes a look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of three leading cloud management platforms: Chef, Puppet and Ansible.


This is a pragmatic guide for learning Ansible by setting up Weave Scope and a cross-cloud Weave network for containers, by Alberto García L.

Rafael Salerno shared a tutorial on Automating Infrastructure on Premise or Cloud with Ansible.


Greg Sypolt takes a look at Integration Testing Chef Cookbooks With Serverspec.


R.I.Pienaar released Choria, a distribution of plugins and utilities that enhances MCollective’s abilities and reduces the complexity of getting started to use it.



Hrishikesh Barua shared some considerations on running Docker containers securely in production.



Daniel Berman wrote about the integration between Logz.io and the alert correlation platform BigPanda.


Kamol Mavlonov covers how to get up and running with Dashboards and Alerts to monitor the CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization in mesos environments.

New Releases

Calico 2.0 | The release highlights include:

  • new resource-based UX model
  • significant performance improvements
  • improved packaging including simplified installation for Kubernetes
  • new dataplane driver API (experimental)
  • new pluggable backend data store model for Kuberenetes deployments

CFEngine 3.10.0 LTS | The release includes:

  • Double query speed for Enterprise API
  • New variable expansion engine
  • Expanded Ubuntu and Solaris support
  • systemd unit improvements
  • Boostrap to hostname and alternative port


Container World 2017 | February 21-23 | Santa Clara, CA

Config Management Camp.eu | February 6 - 7 | Gent, Belgium

Cake Solutions are hiring DevOps Engineers!

That is all for this edition of #ThisWeekInDevOps. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on Twitter (@LauraGlasu) with any DevOps news or content.

Also if you are interested in the latest Scala news you can check Petr's blog post: This week in #Scala 02/01/2017.

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