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New eBook Store - Cake Publications

Posted by Darren Halket on Wed, Feb 22, 2017

We are excited to announce that that our new eBook store is now open. Over the coming months we will be releasing a number of publications, some technical and some business related.

The first publication is written by our MD Guy Remond and is entitled Creating & Maintaining Cultural Excellence in Technical Teams. The book is written for all business owners and stakeholders who have to operate, or are affected by, new software applications or platforms post-implementation, with businesses of any size, structure or industry.



Upcoming publications

The Reactive Architecture Cookbook has been written by our senior technical team here at Cake. The book is a collection of self-contained chapters, each covering the architecture of an entire reactive system. However, given that many of the architectural concerns are shared amongst the systems, each chapter focuses on a specific detail, such as delivery semantics or monitoring & tracing. The book aims to share an understanding of reactive systems by pointing out the core concepts in each chapter, but allowing the readers to focus on a chapter the matches their immediate interests or needs.

Visit our online eBook Store today!

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