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This week in #Scala (19/05/2014)

Posted by Marios Papasofokli on Mon, May 19, 2014

Welcome to another edition of #ThisWeekInScala!  

Activator has changed a lot the last year, this blog post explains the current status and where the tool is heading to

Lets catch-up on the latest Scala happenings...

New Stuff

  • Scalaz 7.1.0-M7 was released, this is the last milestone release for the upcoming 7.1.x series.  It is not binary compatible to 7.0.x or any other previous milestone
  • Kiama 1.6.0 was released, it is a language processing library, this version comes with many enhancements and fixes
  • Casbah 2.7.1 was released
  • Phantom 0.6.0 is out, it is an Async Scala DSL for Cassandra
  • Scalding 0.10.0 was released
  • SBT-Native-Packager 0.7.1 was released
  • Gwen-interpreter got open-sourced

Old Stuff

  • JVM concurrency: Java and Scala concurrency basics, a blog post by Dennis Sosnoski
  • What is a Type Class and why should you care?  a blog post by Chris James
  • A list of Scala tutorials
  • Writing unit and functional tests for Scala applications. A video covering testing frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, ScalaTest, Specs2, and ScalaCheck

Blogs & Tutorials 

  • The slides from "Monitoring Reactive Apps with Kamon" talk in JavaCro14 by Ivan Topolnjak
  • The interesting Reactive Streams Webinar Q&A roundup
  • How to Hire Scala Developers, a blog post by Mike Kelland
  • Building Blackbeard: A Syndication System Powered By Play, Scala and Akka, a blog post by Suman Roy and Krishna Sundersan
  • Managing a Job Grid using Akka, a blog post by Colm Caffrey
  • Integrating Cucumber and Play, a blog post by Sebastian Nozzi
  • How to process multiple Option values in a Scala for loop, a blog post by Alvin Alexander
  • Konrad Malawski's slides from Geecon 2014 Akka persistence talk
  • A very nice discussion about dependency injection in Playframework
  • Meet object-csv, a Strongly Typed CSV Helper for Scala

That’s all folks. You can get in touch with me directly via email or on Twitter (@mpapasofokli) with any Scala news, events or content. Tip: Tweet about your content using hashtag #Scala.

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