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This week in #Scala (03/05/2013)

Posted by Chris Cundill on Sat, May 4, 2013

Welcome to another edition of #ThisWeekInScala. I'll leave the preamble this week since there's lots of content to share!

New Stuff

  • Typesafe released Activator, an easy way to get started with Scala, Akka and Play framework quickly
  • postgresql-async 0.1 was released and now supports almost all it's initial goals!
  • The shapeless-contrib project now shows how Shapeless + Scalaz = profit. Finally, you can sequence your HList's!
  • Cake's own @honzam399 gave us “org.eigengo.akka-extras” % “javamail” % “0.1.0” on Sonatype. Now you can spam send newsletters with Akka.
  • Yann Ramin remembered to tell us that he upgraded akka-quartz to Scala 2.10 awhile back
  • Socko v0.3.0 was released - Socko allows you to expose your Akka actors as RESTful web services with a splash of Swagger and without annotations
  • Sam Skivert shared all the "legos" you need to write iOS apps in Scala in his project: ios-scala-demo

Old Stuff

This week I offer you a keynote presentation given by Martin Odersky at Devoxx France held in March 2013:

There's also plenty of interviews from Devoxx France to check out.

Blogs & Tutorials


That's all folks. Have a great week. Remember you can get in touch with me directly via email or message me on twitter (@ChrisCundill) with any Scala news, events or content.

Topics: Scala, Sbt, Akka, Play, Scalaz

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