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This week in #Scala (23/11/2012)

Posted by Chris Cundill on Fri, Nov 23, 2012

Welcome to another edition of 'This week in Scala'! Thanks to an excellent Scala eXchange 2012 (ScalaX) in London with Skills Matter, there's plenty of video presentations to share.

At ScalaX, I won the excellent MEAP Akka in Action book in a Skills Matter prize draw! A fortunate individual from BSkyB will shortly receive an Apple TV won in the Cake Solutions prize draw.

Martin Odersky was on keynote and described the neat features coming in Scala 2.10. He also described how his hands were made to appear translucent and overlaid the slides in the Coursera class videos. Of the 50,000 which registered for the Coursera class, around 20% (10,000) users handed in all the assignments. This is apparently much higher than the average MOOC which is more around the 5% mark. It was quite funny to see how Martin was blown away by the amount of hands that were raised when he asked the audience if they had signed up for the course.

Scala - and indeed functional programming - continues to rise. Don't miss out...

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This week I offer you something by Michael Swain written back in 2008 that seems just as relevant today:

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And finally, at Cake we're looking for a smart kid (see the end of Martin Odersky's keynote ;)) to join us on some Scala projects. How about you?


That's all folks. Have a great week and remember you can get in touch with me directly via email or message me on twitter (@ChrisCundill) with any Scala news, events or content.

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