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This week in #Scala (27/07/2012)

Posted by Ndidi on Fri, Jul 27, 2012

Welcome to another week in #Scala. We've a fair few articles specially lined up this week. along with a number of project releases.

Take your time and most of all, Enjoy.

New Stuff

Scalaz 7.0.0-M1 Almost a year in the making, version 7 of Scalaz has reached its first milestone release! Check out the highlights.

IntelliJ IDEA has just announced Play 2.0 support with this Alpha version.

ScalaTest plugin and the Scala IDE ecosystem update sites.

Mybatis For Scala Beta2 Released

Typesafe Console 1.1-M4 is the latest milestone of Typesafe's enterprise-grade dashboard for monitoring applications built on the Typesafe Stack (Scala, Akka, and Play!).

Blogs and Tutorials

Have a great weekend and remember you can directly get in touch with me via email or message me on twitter (@AmarettoAndCode) with any Scala news!

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