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This week in #Scala (29/06/2012)

Posted by Ndidi on Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Welcome to another week in #Scala. My highlight for this week is certainly the quick and dirty prototyping datastore, cagette (which curiously seems to be the French word for 'crate'.. Are crates quick and dirty in France?). There's also a pretty interesting Functional Programming video interview who Sadek Drobi (of Zenexity) stars in.


New Stuff

Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.2 RC1 It's been a little while since I used Eclipse for development, the project updates and positive comments floating around could very likely win me over (until, of course, LightTable and a Scala plugin is released!)

xsbt-cucumber-plugin Cucumber is a fantastic BDD framework. So much so, that there's a use case for it in the Scala world. Check out this plugin for integrating Cucumber (and Cuke4Duke) into SBT.

I haven't yet had time to unravel sing, however, if type-level metaprogramming is something you're working with or interested in, do check it out!

Whenever I see the words 'quick and dirty', I think 'Oh my gosh, some awesome MacGyver awesomeness is about to ensue'. As a quick and dirty datastore for prototyping, cagette is most certainly that.

Iago is a load generator from Twitter that enables you to accurately study behaviour of your service under a specified load (e.g. 100K requests per minute)

scalikejdbc: is a tidy little JDBC wrapper for Scala. Users only need to write SQL and map from java.sql.ResultSet objects to Scala objects.

Casbah (mongoDB Scala Driver) 2.3.0 AND 2.4.0 have been released. Plenty of updates and improvements all round!

Play 2.0.2 has also been released!


Blogs and Tutorials

As always, have a pleasant weekend and remember you can directly get in touch with me via email or message us on twitter (@AmarettoAndCode) with any Scala news!

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