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This week in #Scala (18/05/2012)

Posted by Ndidi on Fri, May 18, 2012

Welcome to another week in #Scala. It's been little quieter than it has in previous weeks, however we've still plenty of juicy Scala morsels for you to devour!

New Stuff

Aptly named, play2-war-plugin v0.3.1 has been released to help package your Play apps into standard WAR packages.

Scalatra 2.1.0.M2, the tiny, Sinatra-like web framework for Scala, has been released.

Maker, a build tool focussing on putting the Simple back into build tools has been released.

Shapeless 1.2.2 has a number of improvements, a fair few related to HList.

A couple of bugs have been fixed in Specs2 1.10 and a good number of new features thrown in for good measure!

For double eyebrow-arching surprises, check out Scala Puzzlers.

Rob Dickens has now packaged and added to Maven Central his EitherExtras helper class (for doing validation without Scalaz).

-target:jvm-1.6 is now supported by scalac.

Blogs and tutorials

Enjoy your Scala filled weekend! And as always, feel free to drop myself or Mark a mail or message us on twitter (@AmarettoAndCode or @markglh) with any Scala news!

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