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This week in #Scala (04/05/2012)

Posted by Mark Harrison on Fri, May 4, 2012

Welcome to another week in #Scala. We have an insane number of blogs and releases to tell you about this week - certainly the busiest week for some time. There are new releases for Play! and Scala IDE and some awesome blogs and tutorials - including several 2+ hour presentations from the Progressive Java Tutorials conference at Skills Matter in London. Read on...

New Stuff

Scala IDE for Eclipse V2.0.1 available now! This is a maintenance release, upgrade is recommended for all users.

Play! Framework 2.0.1! Go grab it!!

Shapeless 1.2.1 has just had a minor release which includes an improved build configuration.

Scala 2.10.0 Milestone 3. This release is cut directly from current development and is not intended for production environments, but is a great chance to try out the up and coming features for Scala 2.10.0. The milestone 2.10.0-M3 includes many following fixes and improvements. Click through for the full scoop.

Treehugger 0.1.3 has a few new fixes and enhancements. Check them out!

Scallop 0.3.8, a simple (yet powerful) command-line arguments parsing library for Scala.

Conscript 0.4.1, Conscript installs and updates Scala software.

Giter 8 0.4.5, a command line tool to apply templates defined on github.

Take a look at this Scala parser combinator library for binary data.

Socko Web Server 0.1, an embedded Scala web server powered by Netty networking and Akka processing, has just been launched by Vibul Imtarnasan (@vibuli) and Dave Bolton (@lightningdb).

Classutil 0.4.6, a Scala package that provides various class location and class generation capabilities.

Grizzled-slf4j 0.6.9, provides a very thin Scala-friendly layer on top of the SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java) API.

Markwrap 0.5.4. The MarkWrap library (pronounced "mark wrap" or "more crap", depending on your preference) is a Scala library that provides a unified API for using various underlying lightweight markup APIs.

Avsl 0.4, a very simple logger, written in Scala. AVSL implements the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) API.

Argot 0.4, is a command-line parser library for Scala.

Grizzled-scala 1.0.13. The Grizzled Scala Library contains a variety of miscellaneous utility classes and objects.

Blogs and tutorials

Have a great weekend and feel free to drop me or Ndidi a mail or message @markglh or @AmarettoAndCode on twitter with any Scala news!



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