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This week in #Scala (27/04/2012)

Posted by Mark Harrison on Fri, Apr 27, 2012

Hello and welcome to another week in #Scala! As usual we've got loads of awesome releases and blogs to tell you about (there's simply not enough time to read them all!)...

New Stuff

The latest Akka docs are now available in mobi format.

Specs2-1.9 released for Scala 2.10.0-M2.

A plug-in by Pat Gannon for Sublime Text 2 that lets you run a single Scala Test, or all tests in your project. It also lets you quickly navigate to any scala files in your project folder, and switch back and forth between a class and its test. There’s also a blog on the subject here.

ScalaFlect: Statically typed query DSLs.

sbt-assembly 0.8.0, now with support for reference.conf.

sbt-revolver 0.6.1, an SBT plugin for dangerously fast development turnaround in Scala.

Introducing SwaggerSocket: A REST over WebSocket Protocol.

Blogs and tutorials

Have a great weekend and as usual feel free to drop me a mail or message @markglh on twitter with any Scala news!

Topics: Scala, Akka, Play, Specs2

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