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Specs2 Spring 0.4

Posted by Jan Machacek on Thu, Feb 2, 2012

We're pleased to release version 0.4 of Specs2 Spring!

0.4 follows the very short-lived Maven Central practice-release 0.3. We now include support for Spring 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1; for the latest verion of Spring, we include bean profiles and environment variables settable from the test annotations. We have also included support for raw SessionFactory and HibernateTemplate to work with the most popular ORM tool. The updates include:

  • Supports Spring 2.5 through 3.1, including environment values and bean profiles in 3.1,
  • Test data setup (using BeanTables) now works with HibernateTemplate as well as SessionFactory in Hibernate 4
  • The @Bean annotation’s type value is now clazz to make it usable from Scala code

Most excitingly, Specs2 Spring is now available in Maven Central and Sonatype OSS! All you need to do now is to include the dependency in your pom.xml:


To get started, download the ScalaDocs and PDF user guide; check out the http://www.cakesolutions.org/specs2-spring.html

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