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This week in #Scala (23/12/2011)

Posted by Mark Harrison on Fri, Dec 23, 2011

Welcome to another this week in #Scala, Christmas edition :) It looks like everyones been pretty busy this past week as there have been loads of blogs and releases, so lets get cracking:


New Stuff

Specs2 version 1.7 is out! Specs2 is a library for writing executable acceptance and unit software specifications. More information on version 1.7 can be found on implicit.ly

sbt-protobuf v0.2.2 has been released. sbt-protobuf is a plugin for sbt that transforms *.proto files into gazillion-loc java files

shapeless 1.0 by Miles Sabin (@milessabin). Shapeless is an exploration of generic (aka polytypic) programming in Scala and is well worth checking out! Miles has written a blog on the project here.

sbteclipse 2.0.0-M1. sbteclipse is an sbt plugin for creating Eclipse project definitions. Version 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite of the 1.x branch.

sbt-cloudbees-plugin 0.4.0. This plugin for SBT lets you deploy apps to the CloudBees [email protected] PaaS. Version 4.0 has been a major rewrite to make use of the more idiomatic task functionaltiy within SBT 0.10+.

Scala Micro-Benchmarking Template, a scala wrapper for Google’s caliper by Daniel Capo Sobral (@dcsobral).

Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0 Final Release available now! This huge update includes a new website, screencasts and documentation - along with countless improvements and new features.


Blogs and tutorials


This is the last blog from me until the new year, so I'll wish everyone a happy Christmas and new year from me and everyone here at Cake Solutions!

As usual feel free to drop me a mail or message @markglh on twitter with any Scala news!

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