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Building reactive, scalable and fault tolerant applications


Reactive Applications

A new class of applications becoming more and more prevalent in both consumer and enterprise-facing environments, reactive applications are fundamentally different to the traditional web-based or mobile applications seen today and are distinguished by having one or more of the following defining traits.

  • Responsive - Rich, engaging, single page user interfaces that provide instant feedback based on user interactions and other stimuli
  • Resilient - The ability to recover and repair itself automatically in order to provide seamless business continuity
  • Elastic - Can scale within and across nodes elastically to provide compute power on-demand when it’s needed
  • Message Driven - Because of their event driven architecture, under high load reactive applications require much less hardware resource than traditional applications, reducing hosting costs

Shaping an Industry

Extending beyond our communities, Lightbend (formerly Typesafe) spearheaded the reactive manifesto to define a common vocabulary-both in terms of business values and technical concepts-to make it easier for developers, users, businesses, and vendors to discuss, collaborate, and innovate around this new class of applications.

Lightbend is delivering the world’s leading Reactive platform

Cake and Lightbend are dedicated to helping companies build reactive applications on the JVM. With the Lightbend Reactive Platform, including Play, Akka, and Scala, we can deliver highly responsive user experiences backed by a resilient and event-driven application stack that scales effortlessly on multicore and cloud computing architectures.


Scala's Ecosystem

Case Studies

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