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Helping you explore and achieve ‘the Art of Possible’



Our process has been specially designed to help you explore ‘the Art of Possible’ and it puts you at the heart of the development to turn your business vision into reality. Our simple 3-stage process ensures that you can incorporate any business critical changes while being in full control of the project’s direction. Ultimately, ensuring the maximum value from your product - from day one.

Assessment Stage : Reducing Risk at Every Stage

We help you understand the technical challenges and solutions to help you make informed decisions including budget requirements and the technical stack. By understanding your commercial and product vision, we will create a prioritised list of features known as a Backlog. This Backlog will build towards a Product Roadmap in which the timescales, costs and scope of a project can be managed and you see your vision begin to take shape and plan any other deliverables around it.

The process is transparent and you will be involved in the planning of the project and resource requirements whilst factoring in any commercial decision points. Contact us for further insight into how the Cake Process can help bring your vision to reality.

Minimum Viable Product

An MVP is best described as a product with the minimum number of features that allows you share your product. It could include your fully fledged USP or only the critical features - remember the launch of the iPhone first generation? The MVP allows you to get your product into your marketplace sooner.

Through iterative prototyping, feedback and learning, the total time spent and cost to your business is reduced. The MVP also reduces your market risk and mitigates the need to have large amounts of funding up front. It acts as an enabler for a successful delivery and project overall. To see where we have helped from assessment to an MVP to Version 1.0, read the TravelSupermarket case study and the Paycasso case study.

Version 1.0

This part of your Road Map will look at the other essential features that your business needs. Perhaps ‘productionising’ the MVP or make it fully marketable - onwards to Version 1.0. Cake will ensure that the features discussed are fully incorporated to Cake’s highest coding and technical standards, so that your commercial vision is completely realised and no technical debt. The true value of the product occurs when the end-users are happily and successfully using your features in the live environment. Our team of DevOps skilled engineers are commercially aware and trained to help with the transition to production. By deploying the software on a resilient and scalable infrastructure, Cake will ensure quicker value to your users through continuous deployment without any downtime. To find out more about read DevOps.

The Cake Process - demonstrating “The Art of Possible”


  • Reduced delivery risk
  • Improved project visibility
  • Value released early
  • Reduced development costs
  • Enhanced software quality
  • Better engineering discipline
  • Able to manage priority changes

Case Studies

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