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Data Science made easy, from ingest to production. Powered by Apache Spark™.

The complete solution for data scientists and engineers.

  • Effortlessly manage large-scale Spark clusters  - Spin up and scale out clusters to hundreds of nodes and beyond with just a few clicks, without IT or DevOps. Easily harness the power of Spark for streaming, machine learning, graph processing, and more.
  • Accelerate your work with an interactive workspace  - Work interactively while automatically documenting your progress in notebooks — in R, Python, Scala, or SQL. Visualize data in just a few clicks, and use familiar tools like matplotlib, ggplot or d3.
  • Run your production jobs at scale - Put new applications in production with one click by scheduling either notebooks or JARs. Monitor the progress of production jobs and set up automated alerts to notify you of changes.
  • Collaborate interactively - Seamlessly share notebooks, collaborate in the same code base, comment on each other’s work, and track activities.
  • Publish your analysis with customized dashboards - Build and articulate your findings in dashboards in a few clicks. Set up dashboards to update automatically through jobs.
  • Connect your favorite apps - Run your favorite BI tools or sophisticated third-party applications on Databricks.

Databricks Products

  • Cluster Manager - Fully managed Spark clusters in the cloud help you focus on your data — not your operations.
  • Notebooks - An interactive workspace for exploration and visualization so you can learn, work, and collaborate in a single, easy to use environment.
  • Jobs - A production pipeline scheduler that helps you get from prototype to production without re-engineering. Proactive monitoring keeps your data pipeline running reliably.
  • 3rd Party Apps- Run your favorite BI tools or sophisticated third-party applications on Databricks.


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