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Scala Days - Amsterdam 2015

The Cake Solutions team began introducing Scala to its clients back in 2010. Our first #ThisWeekinScala post was in September 2011 and since then we have never looked back! Our business has grown as a direct result of adopting Scala and Akka early, and partnering with Typesafe

We were early adopters of the Typesafe Reactive Platform, which enabled us to become the largest independent Scala world technology specialist in the world. We are proud to be considered as experts in large-scale, concurrent and resilient systems, which, together with the technologies we specialise in has enabled us to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Moreover, the advanced features of the Typesafe Reactive Platform push our engineers to continually improve their skills and share their expertise.

We are no longer having to convince our clients that reactive application development, as defined by the Reactive Manifesto is the future of modern application development, they are coming to us having made that decision themselves. Forward thinking technology companies such as Typesafe continually improve their toolset, allowing developers to build complex reactive systems quickly and efficiently as well as providing a comprehensive Project Success Subscription. This gives companies the reassurance they can get support as, and when they need it from the guys that build the technology. It also gives subscription clients access to a number of hugely valuable additional tools such as ConductR.

It is for all the reasons above and many more that are to numerous to list, that we love Scala Days! The conference gives us the chance to mix with other like-minded companies and individuals. We have seen the conference grow in popularity over the years and it's always the highlight of Cake's conference calendar. 

We took a film crew with us with a brief to capture the heart of the conference; I think you will enjoy what they captured!

Our talk highlights:

Cake's Contribution

Exercise in machine learning

Jan Machacek 

Jan Machacek is a passionate technologist with hands-on experience with the practical aspects of software delivery (architecture, quality, CI, CD); the project management approaches (applying the principles of agile project management); mentoring and motivating the engineering & business teams. He shares his expertise and passion for software as the editor of the Open Source Journal, regularly contributes to open source projects and speaks at conferences in the UK and abroad. Jan is the author of many open source projects (various Typesafe Activators, Reactive Monitor, Akka Patterns, Akka Extras, Scalad, Specs2 Spring and others), books and articles.


Jan will build a system that collects data from a wearable fitness tracker, communicating through a mobile app to an actor system, which processes the data, looking for type of exercise, effort and checks for proper form. The core of the talk is the actor system in Akka and Scala that—with help from Spark—analyses the data, and exposes appropriate REST APIs. The rest of the codebase includes some C and C++ for the wearables, and Swift in the mobile application. Come to Jan's talk to learn how to make the most of Scala, Akka and Spark, and to see how to combine them to build a fitness tracking and analysis application—all in 60 minutes!

Large volume data analysis on the Typesafe Reactive Platform

Martin Zapletal 

Martin Zapletal is a full time software engineer, currently working in Cake Solutions Limited and using mostly Typesafe technologies. Both currently and in his previous occupations he have had the opportunity to work with large amounts of data and events and participate on data analytics. At the same time he is a PhD. student focusing on distributed systems and big data from both theory and practice point of view. Lately he has been focusing on distributed approaches to processing as well as machine learning and data mining in large volumes of data. Both these fields seem to increasingly important in the industry and the Typesafe stack and Reactive approaches provide very useful tools to solve these problems. 

Distributed systems running on cheap hardware or in a cloud and recent progresses in distributed computing theory, frameworks, databases and deployment tools provide a price efficient way to develop data processing pipelines. It allowed many new companies to enter the Big Data market or start using the value of data for internal purposes. But the amount of tools and frameworks can cause confusion and their their proper usage is still not common.

Tools running on Typesafe platform such as Spark, GearPump, Reactive Streams or Akka are just some of the tools suited for large volume data processing. How do they relate? What use cases do they cover? How to use them properly and efficiently to build applications?

This talk focuses on processing of large volumes of data, mainly to utilize machine learning algorithms, in parallel or distributed environment.  It aims to explain different parallel and distributed programming models, use cases, developer considerations, internals and important ideas and concepts behind mentioned frameworks in developer level detail. This includes description of the programming model, work it actually translates to in the background with regards to inter-process communication, how the data are partitioned and distributed, explanation of the coordination and fault tolerance, data locality and movement, query optimisations and more. 

And finally it offers a peek into how to get most value from the data using these approaches to employ machine learning algorithms demonstrated on a large scale sensor event processing application use case from practice (using Scala, Akka Cluster, CQRS, event sourcing, Spark, machine learning and more). The talk aims at providing insights to developers who are planning to or are already using these tools to be able to choose the right tool for their use case and mainly to help them deeply understand how these systems work internally to be able to make proper considerations during their use.

About Scala Days

The conference brings together developers from all corners of the world to share their experiences and new ideas around creating applications with Scala and related technologies, like Akka and Play Framework. Scala Days provides a unique opportunity for Scala users to interact with the contributors to the language and related technologies and connect with fellow developers.

This year’s conference in Amsterdam was a sold-out event at 850 attendees!. Leaders from Scala world and communities around the globe, students and open source contributors, gathered to discuss academic research, use-cases and visionary projects for the two day, action-packed event.

See you all again in 2016 and for those of you that can not wait we will see you at Scala eXchange in December!

Topics: Scala, Akka, Distrubuted Akka,, Activator, Reactive, Machine Classification, Machine Learning, ScalaDays, Muvr

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