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Posted by Leonie Ferrer
24/05/17 12:25


As Mark Zuckerberg once said, 'Virtual Reality was once the dream of science fiction, but the internet was also a dream and so were computers and smartphones'. 

Standby productions are storytellers, filmmakers and creative partners based in Manchester, UK. They've travelled over 7000 miles to date on shoots across the globe and have worked on a wide variety of projects with Cake Solutions from Scala Days Chicago to 3D office tours

Here's their take on the potential for Virtual Reality

Posted by Leonie Ferrer
13/04/17 15:16

Virtual Reality is here and it’s taken the Cake world by storm. The two-dimensional world we’ve all been so accustomed to has suddenly upped its game and with it, taken all of us for the ride to a next level, multi-sensory experience.

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