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Posted by Vicky Walker
10/04/17 16:54


Posted by Vicky Walker
15/02/17 13:06

It is not long now until myself and my colleague Izzy will be jet setting across the pond to the Big Apple! Why you ask? For one reason and one reason alone. To discover and hire some talented Software and DevOps Consultants to join our ever expanding company, Cake Solutions. Almost feel like the modern day Columbus (or Vikings dependent on which version of history you subscribe to as to who “discovered” America).

Posted by Izzy Nixon
01/12/15 10:36

We are looking for people with strong and extensive testing pedigree with a period of time within a professional services consultancy with a customer facing role. As a developer in test, you will need to be hands on as well as able to delegate, build and manage the testing initiative across projects.

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