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This Week in #Agile 25/08/2017

Posted by Sarah Nevett on 25/08/17 09:57

Hello again from Cake and our Project Management Team. This is our forty-eighth edition of “This Week in #Agile”, please feel free to read through the articles we’ve enjoyed reading over the past 7 days.

The Career Path of a Scrum Mastercreated by Mike Cohn

This post by Mike starts from the humble beginnings of a Scrum master being mentored all the way through to them becoming a Scrum coach, by under taking new roles on their career path and taking on more responsibility ie multiple tasks or taking the role of a Product Owner.

“With Agile, No Warnings Needed” created by Johanna Rothman

In this article Johanna explains her journey with clients looking into release criteria. With one project, the sponsors agreed on the criteria, and the relevant stakeholders were asked to join the iterative product demos. Unfortunately demos were not attended, leading to unhappy stakeholders and the conversation regarding the transparent nature of Agile and the importance of frequent feedback was held.

“Project Inceptions - What? - Why? - When?” created by Ian Walker

Here is another article from one of our own; Ian describes how to kick off an Agile Scrum based project and provides insight on how to run a successful inception with the team so the project can get started on the best foundations.

“Is anyone there? Improving feedback in Sprint Reviews” created by Mark Wavle

I am sure we have all encountered meetings where when we ask “Does anyone have any questions?” we are left in stunned silence. This article looks at how to prompt responses by changing the focus and language around gathering feedback.

“Are Sprints still relevant?” created by Blaine Willhoft

This article takes a look at companies who have abandoned using Sprints for projects and instead used Kanban or Scrumban. A list of reasons for taking this approach are identified along with an analysis of the positives that came out from productivity and team morale when Sprints were reintroduced.

"9 Project Management Lessons From Game of Thrones" created by Rachel Burger

A blog I stumbled across on Twitter, it was actually published 3 years ago, but it was a decent read so thought i’d include it. I’ve distilled nine of the most important takeaways from the series. And as a caution to readers: unless you are completely caught up with season four, there are major spoilers ahead.

Here at Cake we love catching up with people's opinions and articles, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something to share. You can contact us via email on [email protected] or on twitter @sarahcnevett

Many thanks to Pinterest for this week’s image.


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