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This Week in #Agile 21/04/2017

Posted by James Furness on 21/04/17 11:46

Hello again from Cake and our Project Management Team. This week in the Agile world sees the thirtieth edition of “This Week in #Agile”, with this week’s findings looking at Timeboxing.

Timeboxing is a process we utilise at Cake all of the time, whether it be with meetings, user stories, sprint lengths, lunch breaks; you name it. Thinking deeper, Timeboxing can be used in most, if not every aspect of your life. I often say to my children, "give me 5 minutes", or when the alarm goes off in the morning, "just 10 more minutes". Why do we Timebox things in our everyday lives? Do we feel better for it? Does it flick a switch in our head that allows us to feel prepared or relaxed?  The articles we've read this week look at how others use Timeboxing in Agile and highlight the benefits.

"Use Timeboxing to Boost Your Efficiencycreated by Ulf Eriksson

Imagine you’re getting ready to throw a party and have some pre-festivity shopping to do. You head off to the department store and start wandering through the aisles, checking out party-themed plates and tablecloths. Pretty soon you’re thinking, “Maybe they’ve got nicer ones at the store across the street?” and you go there. Unfortunately, you hate the colours, so you now have to go to a third store.

With this strategy, you’re going to spend so much time shopping that the party will be over before you’re done.

Ulf looks at the advantages of utilising Timeboxing.

"Timeboxing: Mitigate Risk, Increase Time Awarenesscreated by Tony Baker

Tony's article Timeboxing looks at how to mitigate risk and increase time awareness. He ends the article looking at the Pomodoro Technique.

When most of us think about completing a task, we think in terms of fixed scope. Fixed-scope tasks allow the time period of a task to flex. For example, instead of working on refactoring 30 tests to completion, work for an hour and see how far through them you get.

"The Importance of Timeboxing and Iterations for Agile Planningcreated by the people at telerik

An interesting article on the pro’s of timeboxing, using examples of when and where this can be particularly effective. The article focuses on the planning aspect most, advising on the value timeboxing can add to your project.

Here at Cake we love catching up with people's opinions and articles, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have something to share. You can contact us via email on [email protected] or on twitter @jamesfurness11

A big thanks goes to Polyglot Weekly for this week’s image. 


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