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This Week in #Agile - 17/10/16

Posted by James Brookes on 19/10/16 11:33

Hello one and all. Another week in the agile world and the eighth edition of “This Week in #Agile”. The PM team from trawling the web and reading through your blogs and articles. Here are a couple of the blogs which we would like to share with you today along what takeaways we got from them.

Mark Samuels with "Five Top Tips for Making Agile Development Work for You"

A great article on how Agile development can deliver better services faster than traditional waterfall methodology and 5 top tips for using Agile successfully.

James Brookes with "Live Long and Prosper: Agile Team Structure"

Shameless plug but hey-ho I don’t just write this, I write other blogs too! This is my thoughts about Agile teams in the context of the well loved and followed series Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It’s always interesting to compare teamwork - even fictional - between organisations. As a wise man once said a poor team can ruin a good project, but a good team can make a poor project great.

"What Are the Differences Between Traditional, Agile, and Lean Project Management?" By Christie Marsh

A nice comparison between different style of Project Management. With a focus on Scrum, I particularly enjoyed the positive aspects for trying to integrate Scrum with Lean - and equally where impediments may appear - lest we forget that Agile is not a cure all silver bullet to ensure projects are delivered successfully and not everything in Agile slots together as nicely as XP and Scrum do.

When Story Points Misfire” from Albina Popova

I have always found estimations a tricky topic to broach with teams in terms of how to estimate. At Cake we use a very similar estimation technique and it does have it’s issues. Albina nails the point saying - “To be fair, for the most part this kind of planning approach was working well. Until it wasn’t”. Anti-Pattern #4 is certainly a constant battle. A very interesting article I know will help me in the future… Plus great pictures!!

Last but not least Barry O’Reilly with “10 Principles to Transform

Although it happens less in these more Agile enlightened times, I have seen and been involved with a few Agile introductions to clients we have worked with. Barry’s first point about thinking big is the basis of most start ups I’ve worked with - although SpaceX’s vision is particularly a good example as it contains both the day to day goal and the overall company vision. I really enjoy seeing the “build the right way” being mentioned. Especially in these days of microservices, too many organisations try to build in blocks rather than developing across the system in order to generate an MVP.

If you write a blog or read an article you would like to be included feel free to contact me either via email - jamesb@cakesolutions.net -  or twitter - @JBrookes91 - and we can try and include it in a future edition!

This week’s image is another by Dave Bales and is comes back to Albina’s article around estimation and how confusing it can be, although I’ve not quite resorted to snow globes yet!!


Thanks for reading folks and hopefully see you again next week!

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