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Scala eXchange - 2016 Roundup

Posted by Peter Evison on 22/12/16 16:46

Cake was honoured to be once again a key partner in the Scala eXchange 2016. This is our fifth year of being heavily involved in the event, which is the largest Scala event in the UK. Two members of the Cake team had talks at the event, 15 members of the team attended the event, and we were a major sponsor. 
I hope you enjoy the short video summary from a Cake perspective.

Cake's Contribution

Introducing Troy: The schema-safe Cassandra toolkit - Advanced

Featuring Tamer AbdulRadi

Troy is an open source macro-based Cassandra driver, similar to Slick and Quill, provides type-safe & compile-time checking for database queries. Nevertheless, it doesn't impose a DSL to express the queries in Scala. Instead, it allows developers to write plain Cassandra-query-language...

Chaos Engineering and Runtime Monitoring of Distributed Reactive Applications - Intermediate

Featuring Carl Pulley

Distributed systems are difficult to build and test, so it is important that you identify weaknesses before they manifest in system-wide, aberrant behaviours. Tools such as docker and docker-compose standardise the process of defining system components and deploying them. However, current testing...

Join us in 2017

Scala eXchange conference returns to London in December 2017. Hosted at the Business Design Centre once again, we look forward to another set of intensive 2 days of learning and sharing. Find out more here

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