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No Rest For Recruitment In The City That Never Sleeps

Posted by Vicky Walker on 15/02/17 13:06

It is not long now until myself and my colleague Izzy will be jet setting across the pond to the Big Apple! Why you ask? For one reason and one reason alone. To discover and hire some talented Software and DevOps Consultants to join our ever expanding company, Cake Solutions. Almost feel like the modern day Columbus (or Vikings dependent on which version of history you subscribe to as to who “discovered” America).

Sadly for us, our stay in New York will be the short, only four days!! However this will not stop us from fully embracing everything that “the city that never sleeps” has to offer, nor does it mean that we won’t be kept busy either! The majority of our time will be spent attending interesting Scala and Reactive meetups, as well as hosting our hiring days and spreading the word of Cake Solutions across New York.

Our journey will begin on Monday 27th February 2017 when we will board a very early flight stopping first in Dublin and then onwards towards to New York. You would think after the many many hours on a long flight to the States would mean some down time… no, not for us! Our day will continue with us attending Dustin Whitney’s NY Scala meetup, in which our Senior Software Engineer Pedro Rodriguez will be discussing the interesting topic of ‘Existential and Phantom Types in Scala.’ A talk will also be made by Senior Software Engineer Jared Wolinsky from BAMTech, who are owners of the major league baseball company. 

After trying to get over the jetlag, our second day in the States will be our first hiring event where we really want to meet some interesting and skilled people who would like to join the team at Cake and share their knowledge and ideas! We will be around all day, so if you are concerned about missing us, please don’t be! 

The 1st March will mark our third day in New York. With a relatively blank page for the majority of the morning and afternoon, Izzy and I intend to explore, and with us being in one of the coolest cities in the world, we would be stupid not to! It’ll be my first visit to NYC and Izzy has very kindly promised to play the role of tour guide and show me the best the city has to offer, as she’s had the pleasure to visit NYC before. To say I am not excited would definitely be an understatement!

Later on in the day it’s “back to the grindstone” as we will be attending yet another meetup; NY Reactive. This meetup will include a short talk by another of our Software Engineer, Petr Zapletal, along with a follow up interactive question session towards the end. Worried about being hungry? Please don’t be, as a mass of pizza and beer will be provided!

Our last day in this wonderful city will include our second and final hiring event. The end of this event will bring our short visit to the States to a close. Izzy and I are, due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately on separate flights, nevertheless, we will be both experiencing the same long journey back to Manchester and will certainly both be extremely jet lagged once we try to adjust back to the UK time zone!  

So if you are living in New York and like the sound of Cake Solutions and the idea of working for us, please do get in touch, or feel free to register at either of our hiring days while we are over in the states!

10:00 to 19:00 on Tuesday 28th February 2017 - Register on Eventbrite
09:00 to 18:00 on Thursday 2nd March 2017 - Register on Eventbrite

We really look forward to meeting you!

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