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How Virtual Reality is Changing the World

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 13/04/17 15:16

Virtual Reality is here and it’s taken the Cake world by storm. The two-dimensional world we’ve all been so accustomed to has suddenly upped its game and with it, taken all of us for the ride to a next level, multi-sensory experience.

The ‘year of the video’ no longer has quite the same effect as it did last year, and companies of all industries, sizes and shapes are now competing to stay ahead of the game.

We can almost feel Morton Heilig dancing in his grave.

We recommend watching this video in 4K where possible

Two weeks ago, the legendary Standby Productions team visited our offices and spent a day with us filming the vibes at our Head Office here in Manchester. 

Virtual reality brings the office environment to you: Candidates who are thinking about jumping ship or playing with the idea of moving up the ladder can visit the company they’ve had their heart set on without having to step outside their home. CV library no longer has quite the same appeal. The face of recruitment has changed, and companies are urged to change with the times.

Online listing platforms like Expedia are already working on VR versions of their listings. You no longer need to click through the endless reviews and photos online, you can simply pop on your VR set and you’re transported to your holiday hotel room. Sat at work daydreaming about your next holiday?

VR Meditation.jpg

Sarah taking some zen time after a scrum meeting

With Virtual Reality, now you can visit the corner of the office and 'take ten' on the beach in Puerta Rico. Corporate Mental Health policies have practically rewritten themselves. The virtual office has landed people.

Remember when sleeping at work ‘suddenly became a ‘thing?’. Faded dreams of productivity were swept under the carpet and all of a sudden the latest ‘sleep pods’ became the latest fad in the change management world. 

Fast forward to 2017 and today’s employees can take themselves off into a virtual world of gaming, mindfulness and the jungles of Congo.



Andrew enjoying the Gorillas in Congo

The virtual office has changed our everyday to day business dealing on every perceivable level, and the benefits are endless. Are you a Scala or Devops engineer looking for a new shiny opportunity? Get in touch with our gorgeous internal recruiter team today.

I'm ready to jump


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