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How to Program the Type System by Tamer AbdulRadi

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 11/05/17 11:01


Another day in the Cake office and this week we’re all very excited about the upcoming Scala Swarm conference in Portugal this June. Our very own Tamer AbdulRadi will be speaking at the conference this year, and this time he’ll be exploring a novel use case of type-level combining type-classes, shapeless and scala.meta.

Tamer is a senior software engineer at Cake Solutions and Author of Troy: The Schema-safe Scala Cassandra driver. He has been building stuff with Scala since 2012. You can follow him on Twitter or GitHub to keep up with the latest open source contributions!

Tell us about the upcoming conference

Scala Swarm is a fantastic conference, they are doing a magnificent job of connecting Scala people together from all around the globe. It’s going to be in Porto this June. Looking forward to meet likeminded developers!

What will you be speaking about?

I’ll be showing some hidden powers of the Scala type system, things I didn’t know were possible to do using Scala!

Ooh! What are these secret hidden powers?

The Scala type system can do computations that are evaluated at the compile time rather than the run time. You can program the type system to work for you. For example, I utilised it to check my SQL queries against the database schema.

This sounds exciting! Who should attend?

My talk doesn’t require type-level programming knowledge. Therefore I won’t be using lots of heavy jargon, but I’ll introduce important ones as we go.

However, basic knowledge of Scala is necessary, especially topics like implicits. I have a started a series of blog posts about type-level programming, checking it should provide sufficient background on the topic.

What would be the biggest takeaways of your talk?

Attendees are going to learn patterns and tricks to get the most out of the scala type system, as well as workarounds in a code-first approach.

Are there any projects you’d like people to check out before the talk?

Yes, toy-troy is a simplified version of the project I’ve been working on this year. It is focused on showing type-level patterns working for education purpose. Feel free to check it out, and get inspired!

See Tamer in action this June at Scala Swarm where hundreds of developers will gather in the city’s historic centre: Part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch via the comments box below


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