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CIO - Call to Action

Posted by Ian Walker on 14/02/17 15:37

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If you are a CIO but didn’t take part in the Gartner CIO Agenda report research you can access the report here.

Study the report and you will see that according to Gartner; “On average, top performers expect to develop 40% of their new digital solutions in-house, because these components don’t exist externally and startups either aren’t making them or can’t provide the necessary scale.”  At Cake Solutions we have a proven track record of providing DevOps at scale, not through resources but through the best practise use of technology such as Mesosphere. Read how the Cake Solutions team enabled MoneySuperMarket to achieve 700% productivity increases, and move from 2-3 weeks for engineering changes to 2-3 days here . We can help you move towards your desired digital eco system and achieve what Gartner term Digital Escape Velocity.

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Gartner also states; “Effective stakeholder engagement is a key component of success in digital ecosystems. Again, a notable difference between top performers and the rest is their ability to engage with, and win the support of, their peers.”. Take a look at our recent update from James Furness, Agile Project Manager, to show how cake utilises its own Software Development Lifecycle, and reporting cycle to help you keep your stakeholders completely up to date and bought into your journey. It’s the how we do this, not the fact we do this that is different!. But it is such a vital step on your journey to achieving a digital ecosystem we had to mention it.

Cake can help you evolve into the digital eco system through the innovative use of technology and their expertise in engineering highly distributed reactive software applications ? We utilise the latest technologies and DevOps culture, often working with our clients in-house teams, together engineering cutting edge applications. We have extensive experience in applications that gather data using sensors (IoT) and then applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to intelligently make the most of that data.

If you think we may be able to help or are not sure if we can, then let’s have a chat about it over a coffee, or why not attend one of the following events for free, and meet the team in a really informal environment.

Panel One (“Core” software) 9th May 2017, Skills Matter London  

contact for pass

Architecting and implementing highly-available services

Join our panel to learn about the best practices in implementation of business critical services that must provide functionality to the users, even under heavy load, failures in the infrastructure or other services. The panelists’ experience focuses around the reactive stack with Akka and Play in Scala; together with modern AWS stack.

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Panel Two (Infrastructure / DevOps) July 2017, Skills Matter London contact for pass

Infrastructure tooling for microservices

The panel will talk about the approaches to developing, maintaining and evangelising tooling tooling for CI and CD pipelines of [containerised] microservices. The panelists have a long history of building CI and CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code targeting AWS.

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