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Helping transform ideas into fast growth businesses


Cake Invest

We collaborate with promising individuals and companies to provide cutting edge tech whilst keeping startup costs low andfocussing on long-term success. For a combination of cash and equity the Cake Invest team will bring the full breadth of Cake Solutions' software development services to the project and follow lean start practices to understand your business, build an MVP and get your business growing.

Our ambition is to bring technical expertise, perspective, advice, context, contacts, and inspiration to the founding team. This mentoring role is so critical as we know several studies have found that entrepreneurs with mentors had three and a half times more growth and raised seven times more money than those without.

Cake Invest is not an accelerator, incubator or VC fund...there’s no fixed duration to an engagement and we don’t run a calendar-based application process...we are involved in the startup community and want to help our fellow entrepreneurs that may not have the resources readily available to take the first step to build their business.


The critical moment in any start-up's life is making the transition from idea to commitment. It's the point where you decide to abandon the day job and work full time on the concept. From that moment, success isn’t just about a twist of fate, timing or just how disruptive your idea is, startup success can be engineered by following the right processes from both a business model and software development perspective.

Placing technology at the heart of product innovation, ensuring business thinking sits alongside technology and innovation, reduces risk for entrepreneurs and investors and improves startup success rate.

Stage 1
    • Evaluate the technical problem and determine the stack and architecture
    • Offer an early indication of resource requirements
Stage 2
    • Build the MVP confirming the technical solution
    • Enabling the customer feedback loop to start
Stage 3
    • Build v1.0 of the application
    • On-going development and frequent releases (up to v1.5-ish)

What We Do

Leadership Providing advice with an authoritative tech perspective, we can provide a team or even augment an existing team with a tech lead
Proprietary Methodology Utilising lean startup and agile processes we guide your business to efficiently meet goals and cut costs
Product Roadmap Our team provides guidance in choosing the right feature set to help your company validate its product goals in the shortest realistic timeframe
Technical Research and Evaluation We help determine which technology tools best fit your product goals
Technology Audit We evaluate your current product and technology stack to outline gaps and risks
Systems Analysis and Architecture Design We design systems for rapid development and scale
Project and Team Management We lead engineering projects to ensure quality and de-risk delays
Technology Team Configuration We design engineering organisational charts optimized for your needs
Technology Hiring We help source and vet all levels of engineering, including CTOs
Fundraising Support We represent the company in pitch decks as well as in investor meetings to explain the technology strategy and roadmap of the compan

In Short

  • De-risk the startup experiment
  • Bring technical expertise to the founding team
  • Collaborate and share the experience
  • Follow much tested Lean Startup principles

Key Info

  • Read about Paycasso, one of our Cake Invest case studies here

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