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Inventing a better viewing experience.


Welcome to Cake Solutions

A BAMTECH MEDIA COMPANY - Delivering Direct to Consumer video at scale.
Cake Solutions delivers well-engineered, resilient, responsive, and elastic systems. Successful systems are not just lines of code; they are a result of the best architecture, engineering, and project management. We all come to work to make our systems elastic, resilient, and responsive, but also ready for change. Our expertise in engineering & delivering distributed systems enables us to excel in implementing business-critical Internet of Things, media delivery, and e-commerce systems. 

BAMTECH Media is a global leader in delivering direct-to-consumer live and on demand entertainment. Pioneers in live event streaming over the internet, our team built the first live streams of Major League Baseball games with MLB.TV back in 2002, and we’ve continued to deliver some of the biggest sporting and entertainment events in history over the internet ever since.
Today, BAMTECH Media is also a leading licensee of OTT sports and eSports rights, operating some of your favourite streaming sports services, including NHL, PGA Tour, and MLS, along with the upcoming Riot Games’ League of Legends eSports, and forthcoming ESPN-branded multi-sport video streaming services.

A subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, BAMTECH Media is headquartered in New York, with European headquarters in Amsterdam. To learn more, visit BAMTECHMedia.com.

Company Facts and Figures

  • Established for 17 years
  • Building reactive applications
  • Developing pioneering DevOps
  • Manchester, London and New York
  • +80 employees (90% developers)
  • Active blog with over 40,000 monthly hits
  • Experienced speakers

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