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Microservice Architectures: A Framework for Implementation and Deployment

Posted by Carl Pulley

20/12/14 13:50

Here we present a flexible and generic framework within which distributed applications, built upon a microservice architecture, may be implemented and deployed.

We achieve this by deploying dockerised microservices to a cluster of CoreOS machines (complete with etcd for service discovery and fleet for controlling services and specifying affinity rules).

Microservices are implemented using Akka actors that support clustering, Cassandra persistence and data sharding. Interaction with the microservices is mediated using a Vulcand load balancer that round-robin connects (via circuit-breakers) to microservice REST endpoints.

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Topics: DevOps, Scala, Akka, Distrubuted Akka,, Microservices, Docker, CoreOS, Weave, Akka Cluster, Vulcand, Vagrant, etcd, Akka Persistence, fleet

This week in #DevOps (16/12/2014)

Posted by Laura Glasu

18/12/14 18:51

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Topics: DevOps, Jenkins, AWS, Docker, GoogleCloud, Kubernetes, StackStorm, Mesosphere, Puppet, Chef, Scalar, Vagrant, Pulp, Fedora, CentOS

Day 5: Akka and iOS push notifications

Posted by Jan Machacek

17/12/14 10:56

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Jenkins Swarm Hives

Posted by Cornel Foltea

16/12/14 19:00

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Topics: DevOps, Jenkins, CICD, AWS, Swarm

Day 4: Akka, Akka Persistence, CQRS/ES

Posted by Jan Machacek

16/12/14 10:31

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This week in #Scala (15/12/2014)

Posted by Petr Zapletal

15/12/14 09:00

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Topics: Scala, Akka

Day 3: Microservice start-up

Posted by Jan Machacek

15/12/14 08:23

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Day 2: Unified API for a microservice cluster

Posted by Jan Machacek

14/12/14 13:39

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Day 1: Cluster Inventory

Posted by Jan Machacek

13/12/14 10:26

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Topics: Akka, Akka Cluster, 12 Days of Akka

Scaling Akka cluster

Posted by Jan Machacek

12/12/14 11:35

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Topics: Akka, Docker

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