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Posted by Michal Janousek on Tue, Apr 18, 2017

In keeping with our efforts of 2016 we are participating in the yearly Great Manchester Run. A small group of Cake's finest employees are trying hard to push themselves to their limits for a good cause, not to mention a fair amount of internal competition for good measure! The team are raising money for Variety Charity which is helping sick, disabled and disadvantaged children and young people across the UK (further details can be found on Variety's website).

Last year we have raised nearly £600 and we really would like to raise even more this year. The training is in progress and for sure we are going to get better times than the last year!

Last year results were as follows:

Pos. Name Time
1 Damien Bailly 00:43:09
2  Dave Piggot 00:50:20
3 Michal Janousek 00:52:06
4  Steve Strickland-Wright 00:58:46
Andrew Sim 01:00:16 
Laura Bria 01:00:51
Charles Rice  01:04:14
Dave Hough  01:10:18
Eslam El Husseiny  01:10:52 
10  James Brookes  01:13:46
11 Cornel Foltea 01:17:31

Whilst some of last year's contenders are not taking part this year, Cake are growing rapidly and these people have been replaced by new blood. Damien, no longer satisfied with running a mere 10k, has chosen to take the half marathon option!

We will publish the results after the run so you can see how "good" runners we are here at Cake.

We would really welcome any support you can give the team and this great cause by visiting our Virgin Money Giving page and giving whatever you can afford. Thank you in advance!

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