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Engineering diversity

Yesterday was Cake Solutions’ team dinner & drinks. The company, food & good drinks were great. But what made me very happy was the real diversity. The engineers at Cake do not fit any stereotype.

CMSampleBufferRef from CGImageRef

Taking a detour from the usual Scala / FP code, I want to post a quick solution to a problem I was facing in an iOS codebase. The task was to convert CGImageRef to CMSampleBufferRef. I needed this code to … Read more

Haskell, WebSockets and D3.js II

In this post, I will add the support for generating expressions to the Haskell, WebSockets and D3.js codebase. The users will submit expressions such as evendistr 20 [0..100] 100 times every 500ms; our task is to parse the expressions, and … Read more

Haskell, WebSockets and D3.js

This is the first in the series of posts where I will explore a simple application that allows you to analyse and present data in interesting ways. I will be writing a nice AngularJS client, with the WebSocket connection to … Read more

This year in Scala (2013)

In place of the traditional This week in Scala, I give you This year in Scala. It is my take on what has happened in the Scala and the wider JVM world, and I will even throw in some of … Read more