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Alex is an experienced software developer specialising in the Java/J2EE toolset. Alex’s commercial experience has exposed him to the support, re-architecture and feature enhancement of large enterprise J2EE applications. This has given him exposure to large data volumes, legacy code, green field development and services integration. From this he has gained a strong core knowledge of development, design, implementation and interpreting the intricacies of the business domain. More recently he has been involved in programming in a more functional style. Taking advantage of the functional concepts in languages such as Scala & Ruby. This has enabled him to create scalable, feature-rich applications that are not only terse but are a joy to develop. As software development moves towards a purely functional style, languages like Haskel will come to the forefront and this will provide an exciting learning curve.
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Posted by alex lashford
Thu, Mar 13, 2014

This application shows how to build a 'modern' web application, comprising a Client-side JavaScript app built using AngularJS written in CoffeeScript, served from the Play 2 Framework and using document persistence with Reactive Mongo a non-blocking Scala client for MongoDB.

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