This week in #Scala (28/10/2013)

Welcome to another edition of #ThisWeekInScala.

After a bit of travel I’m back in the office proper and have a juicy roundup for you.  Before that though, I thought I should remind you that the Principles of Reactive Programming online course starts next week.  Don’t forget to sign up!

New Stuff

Old Stuff

This week I can’t decide between two older pieces of content, so I’ll offer you both!

Blogs & Tutorials

That’s all folks.  You can get in touch with me directly via email or on Twitter (@ChrisCundill) with any Scala news, events or content.  Tip: Tweet about your content using hashtag #Scala.

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6 Responses to This week in #Scala (28/10/2013)

  1. Jens says:

    I guess the link to the post from Josh Suereth is supposed to be:—interaction-meets-automation

  2. Yep – thanks for pointing that out. Corrected.

  3. Whatever says:

    s/Dieser Beitrag/Michael Engelhardt/

    Dieser Beitrag = this contribution

  4. Thanks – corrected.

  5. Christian says:

    The link to “Reactive Programming with Scala and Play” does not work.

  6. Thanks – corrected

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