TPH – Episode 2, Snap

Good evening, ready for some web development in Haskell? In this episode we’ll meet Snap, an Haskell web framework for building high-performant website or REST servers.

Once again, the code is hosted on the School of  Haskell:

TPH – Episode 2, Snap

And the Github repo is here, as always:

The Pragmatic Haskeller



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2 Responses to TPH – Episode 2, Snap

  1. Great to see some material using Snap! This would be especially helpful with active code. Did you run into any problems on this front?

    Michael Snoyman has a simple example using Snap here:

  2. Alfredo Di Napoli says:

    Hi Chad,

    not really, but before making all the example runnable I need something more than Snap. The episode depends from a bunch of other packages, for example:

    * MongoDB
    * AesonBson
    * snaplet-mongodb-minimalistic

    According to Stackage documentation, for a package to be added to it Stackage/Conf.hs must be modified, including package name and maintainer email. It’s just that I don’t know how fair will be to apply these changes myself on behalf of other dev, so I’m planning to ask them consensus first. Last but not least, at the moment of writing the post, during this weekend, I didn’t know Snap was available under the package “web-fpco”, so I guess I can make at least the first two snippet runnable with it :)

    Keep you posted,

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