This week in #Scala (15/03/2013)

Welcome to another edition of #ThisWeekInScala.  My choice chirp:

@rparree: Dear #java developer, if you haven’t started yet; please begin 2 write your tests in #Scala (#specs2). Invest in your future!

@rparree makes a really good point here!  Get Scala into your Java project in the form of tests.  Use ScalaTest, Specs2 or whatever works best for you.  The point here is to get going on Scala and liven up that Java project which you may be stuck on!

Enjoy your reading list…

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This week I offer you a presentation given at the JAX conference last year in San Francisco, CA:

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That’s all folks. Have a great week. Remember you can get in touch with me directly via email or message me on twitter (@ChrisCundill) with any Scala news, events or content.

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