This week in #Scala (11/05/2012)

Welcome to another week in #Scala. Once again we’ve got plenty of stuff to use up any free time you thought you had over the weekend!

This is likely to be my last ‘This week in #Scala’ for a while, but fear not – my colleague Ndidi Alaneme (@AmarettoAndCode) will be taking over the main responsibilities. I’ll still be involved to some extent but other commitments have forced me to hand over the reigns for a while.

Anyway, to the news…

New Stuff

Play 1.2.5rc3 released!

SBT 0.11.3. Among other things, releases repository is no longer included as an application repository by default. For more information click through.

Robot-vision 0.0.2, an embedded unfiltered web server allowing remote control over the host machine similar to RDP and VNC, except control is handled at the http transport layer.

Configrity 0.10.1, a simple, immutable and flexible Scala API for handling configurations.

A Play 2.0 Bundle for Sublime text 2.

SBT-buildinfo 0.1.2, a plug-in for sbt to generate Scala source from your build definitions.

ScalesXml 0.3-RC6, an alternate xml library for Scala providing a coherent model, querying and manipulation via an XPath like syntax, better performance, highly customisable equality framework and an Iteratee based pull api.

Scalariform 0.1.2, a source code formatter for Scala.

Blogs and tutorials

Have a great weekend and feel free to drop me or Ndidi a mail or message @markglh or @AmarettoAndCode on twitter with any Scala news!

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    Many thanks for mentioning my blog post on scala and couchbase!

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