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This week in #Scala (17/02/2012)

Posted by Mark Harrison

17/02/12 09:41

Welcome to another week in #Scala! There's an immense amount of stuff to tell you about this week, including a couple of major release candidates in the form of Akka and Play!

New Stuff

Akka 2.0 RC1 is out - the next generation of Akka! Building on the experiences from the Akka 1 series, Akka 2 takes things to the next level — resilience by default, scale up and out by configuration, extensibility by design and with a smaller footprint.

Play 2.0 RC2 is out! Make sure to checkout and experiment with the Scala/Java sample applications included.

Specs2, the Scala library for writing test specifications, has been updated to 1.8. This release is the first to be published to Sonatype and has too many changes to list here. Click through for more information.

Specs2 1.8.1 has also been released, fixing a couple of issues from 1.8.

Specs2 1.9-SNAPSHOT now supports experimental "isolated" arguments, to get "fresh" variables for each example execution - give it a try!

xsbt-fmpp-plugin 0.1. This SBT plugin automates the generation of scala/java boilerplate code using FreeMarker templating.

Treehugger 0.1.0 has been released. Treehugger is a library to code Scala programmatically, generating Scala code by constructing a Scala abstract syntax tree.

Configrity 0.10.0 has been released. Configrity is a simple, immutable and flexible Scala API for handling configurations.

Take a look at Play2 Mini Project, which provides a REST API on top of Play2.

Scalagen, a Java to Scala conversion library for maven.

Scoobi 0.3.0 is out. Scoobi is a Scala library that focuses on making you more productive at building Hadoop applications.

Eric Torreborre (@etorreborre) has created a github project for the implementation of the 99 Scala problems as a set of specs2 specifications.

css-selectors-scala 0.1.1 is now available, offering just minor enhancements since the previous release. css-selectors-scala is an implementation of the W3C Selectors Level 3 specification.

Twirl 0.5.1. Twirl is the Play Framework Scala template engine, repackaged for stand-alone use.

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As usual feel free to drop me a mail or message @markglh on twitter with any Scala news!




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