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This week in #Scala (10/02/2012)

Posted by Mark Harrison

10/02/12 10:42

Hello and welcome to another week in the busy world of #Scala. Loads of interesting blogs and releases this week, so without further ado:

New Stuff

Sindi, an IoC (Inversion of Control) container for Scala, has been updated to version 0.4.

The first release candidate for sbteclipse 2.0.0 is now available, this SBT plugin creates Eclipse project definitions.

Ctrie is a scalable concurrent map implementation that supports constant time lock-free lazy snapshots.

sbt-revolver 0.6.0. sbt-revolver is an SBT plugin for dangerously fast development turnaround in Scala.

Akka 2.0 pre-release Milestone 4 - the LAST milestone before RC1! Too many changes and fixes to list here so check out the link for the full release details.

scala-ssh 0.5.0 is out! scala-ssh is a Scala library providing remote shell access via SSH.

less-sbt, a friendly css companion for coffeescripted-sbt, is now at version 0.1.7.

Bowler Web Framework version 0.6 Released! Bowler is a RESTful, multi-channel ready web framework in Scala. This update focuses mainly on bug fixes.

Twirl 0.5.0, this SBT plugin smoothly integrates templating support into your Scala builds.

Blogs and tutorials

As usual feel free to drop me a mail or message @markglh on twitter with any Scala news!

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