Spring MVC and iPhone

I have exciting new talk ready for the next open source user group meeting. We will implement a very friendly iPhone web application using Spring MVC 3.0 in about 30 minutes’ time while keeping the controllers and models completely intact.
I don’t want to spoil the show; come along and don’t forget to bring your iPhones for testing.

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2 Responses to Spring MVC and iPhone

  1. Will you be giving this talk at the Manchester session next month?

    I would LOVE to hear about this, iPhone development with a mac gets be excited!

  2. Jan Machacek says:

    Yes, if all goes to plan, I’ll give the talk in Manchester and then recycle it in London. It will be just a short talk, so I will not be able to show native application, but I have experimented with Objective-C JSON, which works fantastically with RESTful Spring [web] application behind the scenes.

    And by RESTful, I naturally mean the same controllers and models with ContentNegotiatingViewResolver and MappingJacksonJsonView. Oh, and if you use dm Server–sorry, I mean Eclipse Virgo–you can move the views into another bundle, which allows you to add and remove support for different mobile platforms at runtime. That is seriously sexy stuff!

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