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One-Team® – Enterprise Software Development

Traditionally, the options for resourcing software development projects have fallen into three categories:

One-Team® builds on the keys strengths of all three approaches and together with Cake’s agile methodology and experienced management team delivers an innovative high quality solution to the challenge of development projects.

"Our approach delivers software that the brings value to the business; software that matches the expectations; software that brings innovation and excellent quality.”

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Cake Collaboration Services – CCS®

We help your teams overcome technical problems: from development environment set-up, continuous build and deployment processes & tools, to the best practices and difficulties with light-weight open source Java and Scala libraries and frameworks. We also assist your teams with the project management, change management and software lifecycle advices and tips.

Its a totally flexible solution – we tailor it to fit your business and technical needs. We listen and take the time to talk to your entire team to ensure we are supporting you exactly where you need it.

CCS saves software development teams time and money by providing immediate expert support helping your teams to solve a multitude of day-to-day development issues as well as training/mentoring tasks”.

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Cake Invest – the agile investor model for technology start-ups

The goal at Cake Invest is simple: Help great people with great ideas build great software.

Despite a promising idea, most technology start-ups are doomed from day one and because they don’t have the right processes needed to turn technology insights into a great product into a great company.

Success isn’t just about a twist of fate, timing or a genuinely new idea, start-up success can be engineered by following the right processes from both a business model and software development perspective.

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Cake Talent®


Cake Talent is a subsidiary of Cake Solutions a software development services company who are widely respected for their technical ability, innovation and well regarded team. Cake Talent’s vision is to bring together talented individuals and innovative companies to resource visionary projects.


“To ensure we harness these attributes for Cake Talent, we have developed the Connect Process to screen and assess IT professionals and enable engagement between company and individuals.”

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