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Embracing emerging technologies to deliver pioneering solutions


DevOps as a Service

Enabling agile development teams to focus on their core strengths by delivering ‘as a service’ environments, tailored for your organisation’s needs. We design and execute DevOps management strategies which mitigates the associated risks, pitfalls and costs of DevOps, while driving delivery of a return on investment and desired business results.

Working at board level with high-growth, market leading organisations, we have a thoughtful, proactive, and pragmatic approach. We share innovation, know-how and work collaboratively to craft bespoke DevOps solutions. Cake’s DevOps as a Service comprises strategic leadership, planning and process consulting, combined with the development of DevOps toolchain for the application of life-cycle management, and supporting infrastructure automation and management.


Today's organisations often find that their development teams do not have enough time to concentrate on the operational side of the software that they are building. Good DevOps resource is currently in high demand which has led to significantly increased remuneration packages for proven operators. Cake's DevOps as a Service enables agile development teams to concentrate on their core strengths by delivering a "as a service" environment tailor-made for a specific team's DevOps needs, reducing the DevOps resource pain and management overhead.

Service Description

A typical DevOps as a Service engagement provides strategic planning and process consulting along with the development of DevOps toolchain for the application life-cycle management and supporting infrastructure automation and management. Cake would help an organisation by setting up a DevOps framework around the core value proposition of: culture, automation, measurement and sharing.


Cake's DevOps as a Service revolves around setting up a culture of shared ownership and collaborative development approaches. It encourages developers from the Cake DevOps team to closely work with software development team and hence bridging the ever increasing gap between the developers who build the software with the developers who deploy them and run them in production.


The key to Cake's DevOps as a Service offering is it's capability and desire to automate everything. Automation removes manual, error-prone tasks - allowing software development teams to concentrate on the quality of their software. 


Cake's DevOps as a Service encourages measuring and collecting data from everything, as data can be incredibly powerful. Correct measurement would allow software development teams to gain visibility of their application, determine key metrics like response time, number of active users, performance under load et cetera. It would also give the business a visibility into the availability and performance of their software.


Cake's DevOps as a Service bridges the gap between developers from different backgrounds (that is development and operations) often with disparate but overlapping skills. Sharing of ideas and understanding between teams allow for quicker resolution of issues.

The Benefits

  • Painless release management
  • Ease of orchestration of complex software
  • Enhanced capability to testingElastic scalability

Areas of Expertise

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