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Posted by Jonathan Orgel
30/08/17 13:47

We read blogs because we want to learn, expand our horizons and keep up with new developments in the Industry. We write blogs because we are passionate about a topic, want to share some cool ideas and very often to market ourselves. There is an overlap but readers and writers are not always in sync. There is so much to read and so little time. Over the last few months I have looked at about 250 somewhat random blogs. I stumbled upon some excellent articles but the majority was either talking to the absolute beginner audience or plain mediocre.

Posted by Jonathan Orgel
18/08/17 08:56


Posted by Jonathan Orgel
02/08/17 12:39


Earlier this year I have had the privilege to interview with more than ten companies. I found people very willing to discuss their approach to agile, what they were proud of and where they were struggling. I am very happy I started a position at a great company but I will miss my encounters with various species of agile in the wild. I learned a lot. My journey confirmed every company has their own culture and their own version of scrum. More interesting are common challenges. Some expected and some surprising. One persistent theme was silos.

Posted by Jonathan Orgel
14/06/17 14:31

Last week I joined this great company Cake Solutions. Cake is truly agile; with a very strong focus on customer needs, short feedback loops, MVP and OneTeam customer collaboration. Learning about the company I am encountering new processes and approaches.

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