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Open Source

Our open source contributions and projects We use open source frameworks and libraries in our projects, but we also contribute to the projects, and we have started a number of our projects on our own. Our aim is to to share our knowledge, to be an active member of the engineering community—quite simply, to make the world a better place.

Reactive Monitor

The Reactive Monitor brings flexible monitoring to Akka and Play. It allows you to keep an eye on Scala and Java based Akka as well as Play Framework applications. It delivers the measurements to statsd and Codahale Metrics (other output modules are planned for the future releases).

Specs2 Spring

To help our team in adpoting Scala in our Spring Framework-based projects, and to allow us to implement more expressive BDD-style testing, we have created Specs2 Spring. It brings Specs2 to the typical Java EE / Spring Framework applications.


In the days before Typesafe Slick, we have implemented Scalad, which sets out to provide convenient interface to MongoDB and Neo4j. Scalad shows strongly-typed functional design patterns in Scala, and makes it easy to switch from a convenient abstraction to low-level data access to the underlying database.

Akka Patterns

We share our experience in building Akka systems in Akka Patterns. Our motivation is to share typical situations and their implementations in enterprise systems. This was the precursor to the Typesafe Activator templates we have contributed to more recently: Akka Patterns is a large system, while the Typesafe Activator templates are smaller applications.

Akka Extras

In this project, we have extracted typical components and tasks of (Akka) systems. Thus, Akka Extras includes, for example, e-mailing, reporting, and many other challenges that suffer from copy-and-paste between projects.

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